MAY 2014

Testimonial from our friend Carole Gileski:  

Our friend Alecia Joy, a two time cancer survivor, founded this non-profit organization which is dedicated to nurturing the world for change and the fight against breast cancer.

Through these fundraising efforts, it provides aid for the Bloom N’ Butterfly Warriors with funds for monthly bills, funds for medical expenses; care packages while going through chemotherapy and outreach meetings.

They make themselves available 24 hours a day and try to “nurture” as many as they can! They understand the journey of being a survivor and a caregiver and help the Bloom N’ Butterfly Warriors so with Brave Wings they can Soar!



We will be participating at the Affordable Care Act Round Table that Representative Rush Holt will be conducting in October.  We will be learning more about ACA and how it effects us as patients, individuals, corporations, etc.  One great point about ACA is that cancer survivors will no longer have to worry about life cap limits, yearly caps and/or the fear of not getting insurance due to a pre-existing condition!!!  That is a huge WIN for all cancer survivors, patients and their families!



Feeling kinda groovy when Representative Rush Holt’s office calls you because they are interested in your voice, opinions and feedback!!! Advocacy at its finest!