When you need some inspiration, please meet my dear friend an author J.I. Willett – “Affairs of the Heart – God’s Messages to the World”

J.I. Willet is a faith based author who sees herself as just an ordinary person.  As she can’t even quote scripture, she questions why God chose her for this endeavor … and the answer she got is because she listens and follows directions.  She feels that not remembering scripture has actually been a blessing, because what she hears is pure and not confused by any of her thoughts. 

As Father Williams labeled her, she is an intercessor in any way that God deems necessary at the time.  She intercesses for people here and those who have passed and are lost. She intercesses from God to individuals also, relaying His divine words to them.  She has interceded with those troubled in life, those dying, and diagnosing the ill (many times before they even know they are sick).  She brings peace and closure between those who have passed and the living.
Many events are not on demand, they are just presented in God’s time.

In addition to writing, she enjoys designing landscapes, playing the piano, biking, golfing and various other sports.

You might find her book to be a form of inspiration, strength or guidance!  We just simply love her and love what she has to say!  Please check it out!
We also have a Prayer Chain going the First Sunday of Every Month on her Facebook page –!/jiwillett.  Feel free to add the names of those you are praying for or add your own name if you feel the need!


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