About Us

GravatarWe are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to nurturing the world for change and the fight against cancer.  Through our fundraising efforts we have aided our Bloom N’ Butterfly Warriors with funds for monthly bills, funds for medical expenses; care packages while going through chemo and outreach meetings.  We make ourselves available 24 hours a day and try to “nurture” as many as we can!  We understand the journey of being a survivor and a caregiver and we try to help our Bloom N’ Butterfly Warriors so with Brave Wings they can Soar!
Founder and President, Alecia Joy Bloom, is a 25 year Cervical Cancer Survivor and an 13 year Breast Cancer Survivor.  She believes in the power of mind over matter, always staying positive in the face of adversity and while she admits it was a tough journey, she considers herself to be a stronger individual and has considered it more as a gift than a burden. She believes that we can make a difference and has made it her life purpose to fight for this cause!  Just recently she was awarded the “Shining Star” Award by the American Cancer Society for all her volunteer work that she has done with them over the past 9 years!  In addition, she sits on the Central Jersey Board of the American Cancer Society, and she just finshed service as the Vice State Lead Ambassador for the American Cancer Society, Cancer Action Network – NJ for the years 2014 and 2015.


Vice-President, Maria Puopolo,and Alecia have been best friends for over 30 years, sharing happy times and struggles through the years. Maria’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and during her difficult time, Alecia was by her side, always someone to count on. Never did Maria imagine that a few short years later, Alecia would be diagnosed with breast cancer and it was her turn to be by her side, side by side, like they have done so many years! Side by Side is where they are now as they continue to raise funds, awareness, and continue the fight against cancer! Maria feels that with Alecia’s dedication and positive attitude, they can make a difference and that the Pink & Bloom Foundation will help others find the courage and strength to fight through the struggles in the fight against cancer and stay positive! It is with great pleasure that she serves as Vice President of the foundation and in the positive effect that she hopes to bring in the fight against this disease.

Treasurer and Secretary, Merle Lim, is another close friend for over 30 years and was in search of a non-profit organization to contribute her time and give back to her community! She also was by Alecia’s side during her journey through breast cancer and while recalling that time and through conversations with Alecia, she even became more aware of the trials and tribulations that cancer patients endure and wanted to help in the efforts of Pink & Bloom Foundation, Inc. and their mission! It is with great honor that she serves as Treasurer and Secretary, and we are all the more honored that she has chosen our foundation to bring her energy, enthusiasm and ideas that enhance the Pink & Bloom Foundation in their tireless efforts and hard work for nurturing the world for a change.


  • To establish funds to help patients and families receive financial support during treatment and after
  • To establish funds to aid in research programs directed towards finding new treatments and possible cures
  • To establish funds to aid in palliative care and quality of life for patients and families
  • To establish funds to aid in advocacy programs
  • To establish funds for “Care” packages that nurture our patients through chemotherapy visits
  • To establish funds to “nurture the world for change” by creating Memorial Parks to memorialize those who lost the battle, to support those who are fighting the battle and to honor those who have fought the battle and won
  • To establish funds to provide grants to students who are pursing careers in oncology and cancer research
P.O. Box 7352
East Brunswick, NJ  08816
24 hours a day, 7 days a week